Monday 30 April 2018

Double Sonnias and another Francisco

Things are slowly returning to their normal state and I was able to paint these three Guild models. Not much really to say here as I've painted various versions of both Sonnia and Francisco a few times. I kept the color scheme warm with different shades of brown and white build from Tanned Leather (Reaper). Blue was chosen for the jeans to add some colder contrast. The only thing I changed were Sonnia's eyes as I wanted to puch the fiery look a bit further there. I had two models of this version as one is painted for a buddy and I won the other during the Nationals in March. Really nice take on the classic sculpt with better proportions and solid level of detail.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Hard times

Once again, life's been filled with ups and downs. Shortly after being released from hospital, my 3-moth old daughter needed another major surgery. Seems like the problem with her thin intestine and colon is fixed for good now, which gives me more hope. I'm mostly at home with my older kid (3 years old) while my wife is with the little one at the hospital. It's a tough experience but we're pulling through. It's hard but seeing other kids and families with much more serious problems and facing them bravely is a humbling experience.

And yet again, painting has been a way to calm down and briefly escape other problems during late night hours. I've painted two models recently, both for my own collection.

Serena Bownam is a model that was added to Malifaux as a result of Divergent Patch campaign. I don't really know much about her background fluff-wise but she's definitely been through a lot. Her body is covered with scars and it looks like her skin was partly flayed and then randomly stitched back.
In game, she is Discuised and has Thick Skin, which protects her from blast damage. And as far as protection is concerned, she doesn't really need much of it as she is resummoned in your deployment zone if she dies in game. She can give Black Blood to friendly Nightmare models and then attack through them (looks like much more limited version of Reva). And then there's some extra utility she brings in. An ability to heal and remove conditions is huge, though suit-dependent. Another big one is her special upgrade, which allows friendly minions and enforcers to be deployed as with "From the Shadows" option. I've used her only once in a friendly game but I want to try her a few more times with the Dreamer.
I used box art as reference for painting, keeping the colors toned down. It made the pale skin pop more in contrast. The model was very easy to assemble and I needed no GS to fill in the gaps as all the parts fit together very well.

Lazarus a special model that can be "purchased' for 10 Guilders. It's made of a slightly different material - the plastic has a more "rubbery" feel to it and as such, removing mold lines requires slightly different approach. Rather than scraping them off, you

need to cut them away with a sharp hobby knife. It's definitely more time consuming and requires more precision. The model makes me think of illustrations from Stanisław Lem's novels. It has a slightly comical, exaggerated feel to it but overall it is well proportioned and nicely detailed. Lazarus comes from the Outcast faction, so I wanted to make sure he looks different than my Neverborn models. That's why (similarly to Hannah). I used primarily yellow on his armor, keeping the base in theme with the rest of my faction of choice.
Lazarus excels at shooting. His grenade launcher can fire three times per turn so any movement tricks (obeys/pushes/lures) to get him in right position can prove very effective. Neverborn have access to numerous ways of moving their models so this might prove useful.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

When you want to play the game...

...but there's no proper terrain o hand, you can end up with something like this:

#4/2018 The Grownup

A short, but powerful story that combines elements of mystery and, to some degree, horror. Flynn is really good at presenting complex and credible female characters and in this story she does so in the span of approximately 60 pages. There are quite a few layers of deception in the story and navigating through this web of lies and pretenses is definitely an enjoyable experience.
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