Wednesday 20 June 2018

My take on Lilith

Plastic version of Lilith is one of the most static, boring sculpts that Wyrd has ever released. Her old metal version, along with the alternate one, are oversized and look bad next to other new models. Because of all that I decided to make my own version using the old avatar model. There was a lot of cutting to make sure the tree part fits the 30mm base and Lilith looks like she's emerging from within the tree. I also added the blade from plastic version to make sure she has all the necessary elements to be easily recognizable.

Lilith is commonly seen as the generalist master within the faction of Neverborn. I've faced her a few ties, each encounter was a chance to see her with completely different crews and each time she seemed to be doing reasonably well. I've never used her myself but I plan to start doing so later this year. First I need to paint some more Nephilim...

#7/2018 The Outsider

A strong feeling of "King is back!" accompanied me... during the first half of the novel. It starts with King at his best; small town where everyone knows each other, heinous crime, personal drama. The foundations of a good crime story are all in. The plot develops slowly and mysterious coincidences begin piling up. And as the events take a decisive turn for the worse, it seems like the author runs out of steam and the main characters suddenly turn to the supernatural to find explanations for the crime. Until that moment it all reads like a very good crime story but the introduction of paranormal elements ruins the mysterious mood and replaces it with frantic fight against evil.
I'd like to rate this book much higher but in the end it was another disappointment...

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Voodoo Doll

I own the plastic version of this model but this one has so much more character to it! I plan to use this mini exclusively from now on. Painting it was quick and rather straightforward. It's a really well designed model, so all I had to do was make sure I highlight the edges and fold of material. Resin forest-themed base from Micro Art Studio was chosen for its base to add a bit more height and some extra flavor.

#6/2018 Necronomicon

As a big fan of work of Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft was an obvious choice. Yet I somehow haven't got round to checking out any of his work until very recently.
Lovecraft is a master of creating suffocating atmosphere of madness and terror. His style impressed me with precise descriptions of how human mind shatters after being exposed to extraterrestrial, inhuman forces. Most of the protagonists in his stories are educated men and they try to explain their predicament using highly scientific and logical register. And in almost each case there comes a moment where the sanity abruptly stops and madness takes over. These visions make Lovecraft's writing so powerful and memorable. Also, similarly to Poe, he seems to favor adding a final twist to the story, which adds a new layer of complexity and makes it possible to see everything in different light (or rather in complete darkness...).
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