Saturday 29 June 2013

Escape from Goblintown showcase #1

Here's the first part of studio pictures of miniatures from Hobbit starter box that I painted a while ago. All were taken by reagsy. I really enjoyed working on this batch of minis. Those are some of the best sculpt that GW has ever released for LotR/Hobbit range. They are twisted, dynamic and full of character. I placed them on bases that vary in height to play with the dynamism a bit more.

Check the blog back soon for pics of Thorin's company as I'm going to upload them over the weekend.

Thursday 27 June 2013

EBO bonus minis - a quick review

Thought I'd share with you some pics of the bonus minis from the Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter extras. I really like them as they are designed  in a style that matches artwork from the card game, i.e. small bodies and large heads with exaggerated features. Think Stewie Griffin and you can easily understand what I mean. The street lamp (Wyrd accessories kit), resin cask and chest are not part of the box - I just added them to bring out the character from the minis.
They all come with transparent bases (three color versions). I don't really care for them much so I used the regular black ones. I may use the transparent ones for objective markers later on.

Jack the Ripper has to be my favorite from this set. His facial expression does make him look like an evil baby. I added cobbled street texture to the base along with the street lamp as I thought it would go well with the gruesome story of a man who killed female prostitutes in the slums of London in the late 19th century. This mini can be used as Copycat Killer or Baby Kade in a game of Malifaux.

Lizzie Borden is another evil baby that portrays a twisted individual from the dark past. The real Lizzie became infamous for killing her father and stepmother with an axe. There's even a folklore rhyme about her:
Lizzie Borden took an axe 
And gave her mother forty whacks. 
When she saw what she had done 
She gave her father forty-one.
The mini will be a bit of a challenge to paint. Her oversized head lacks any texture. It's basically one large flat surface that will require plenty of layers of thinned down paint to get it right. I placed her on a cask and plan to add some gore effects to the axe with blood trickling down the cask onto the cobblestones. In Malifaux she can be used as Candy or Student of Conflict.

Eric the Red is the last miniature presenting an evil baby included in the box. This medieval explorer (and a killer of course) is portrayed with a miniature that is all smiles. It can be used as a Desperate Mercenary in game. While I like the mini, I have to admit it would look more complete with some kind of a weapon.

And here are the new minis with some older ones to show the scale.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Figure Art from MASSIVE VOODOO

What a great week. First I picked up the EBO bonuses on Monday and then the long awaited artbook from an Indiegogo campaign came in the post yesterday.

The artbook looks great and the quality of print is top-notch. The pictures look fantastic too. What I really like about it though are the descriptions written by Roman and Raffa. Very personal thoughts as well as unique insights into the creative process behind these works are what elements that make this artbook truly unique.  
The documentary book is very nice too as it gives even more information on the process of creating these fantastic works. The other bonuses (stickers and bookmark) are a nice touch too. As you can see in the picture, they've already found a proper place in my workspace.
Once again, congratulations to guys from MASSIVE VOODOO team. They've created something truly unique and it was definitely worth all the wait.

Monday 24 June 2013

EBO Kickstarter extras

I picked up the bonuses for Kickstarter Evil Baby Orphanage today from my local PO. I was actually surprised that they reached me so quickly. The first impressions are very positive. New cards are in the same aesthetics and look like a lot of extra fun for the game. Other things are pretty cool too. The plushie looks... somehow cheap and I don't really care for it much but then it was a bonus so  can't complain. What I'm really happy about are the three plastic minis. I'll write more about them once they're put together and at least basecoated.

Sunday 23 June 2013

New workspace #4

I think it's ready, at least for the time being I'm not planning any changes. All the paints and hobby stuff are arranged and today I've finally started painting again.

 The room in which I've set up my workspace isn't spacious so arranging everything well was essential. I like to have everything that I need close so all the shelves are within a hand's reach. Other than shelves for paints, everything was bought. I made the shelves about three years ago. I thought that they need a fresh look too so I painted them with wood stain.

The portable painting station from Hobby Zone is a great solution. It gives me the much needed flexibility. I can have all the current projects and paints that I'm using at the moment set up on it and easily put it aside if I need my desk for work. I also plan to use it for working on the balcony - more sun and fresh air. I just need to prepare that area...
Today I also added the bookshelves and filled some of the space there in them.

Some of the materials (bits, bases, primers) are kept in the desk as I don't use them that often and quick access to them isn't really that important.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with how my little hobby corner turned out. It's spacious enough to work comfortably, well lit during the day and at night (see pics below).

I use an energy-efficient bulb for the lamp hanging from the ceiling and two daylight light bulbs for the lamps that are attached to the desk. I don't think they are produced anymore but as they're not that energy-efficient and don't go in line with the EU regulations. I've been using them for several years and got used to this type of light to the point where I find it hard to focus with different types of light bulbs. A couple of months ago I spotted a big sale of my favorite type of light bulbs online and bought a larger batch to make sure I have enough to keep me going at least for the next few years. 
 Well, now that the workspace is ready I can finally start working on new projects. I'll write more about these soon. And just to finish this post, here are pics of my previous workspaces:



Saturday 22 June 2013

New workspace #3

Not really my workspace, rather a part of it. I bought this portable paint station from Hobby Zone. I came in less than 48 hours after placing the order and immediately aroused curiosity of my cats.

The station Cames unassembled. It is very well packed with all the elements nicely arranged and taped temporarily so that they don't bounce in the parcel.

The assembly is pretty straightforward. You only need some PVA/wood glue and a little patience. It took me about thirty minutes to put it together.

There's plenty of space for paints (you can choose between 35 and 25 mm or have them mixed), water pots (I've found that the most basic plastic disposable cups work just fine) and brushes. You can also attach handles on the sides to make carrying it easier or to place something on them but I chose not to use them as I like it the way it is without them, more compact.
My new workspace is pretty much finished and I think I'll actually start working on a new project tomorrow. I'm also going to take some pics to show how everything is arranged now.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Francisco Ortega

Much as I like the original concept art for him, I'm still glad Wyrd didn't go all the way over the top with him. Francisco Ortega is the last mini I painted in my old workplace. His pose is a bit static but it's still full of character. His face is partly covered by his long, thick hair and we can actually see only a part of it.

I painted his jeans and duster in a way that they match the rest of the Ortegas. I used a more vivid color for his sombrero to make sure he doesn't blend in with the rest too much and has at least one unique element that distinguishes him from the rest of the family. I also paid extra attention to the red stones that decorate his boots.

Now my Ortega crew is almost complete (forgot to add Enslaved Nephilim and Abuela to the photo). I only need to paint Perdita and her avatar version (which I haven't even put together yet). I'm looking forward to working on these minis as they're some of my favorite sculpts in the range.

And to finish this post, here's a nice theme song to go with Francisco.

Monday 17 June 2013

Escape from Goblin Town

Here's the stuff I've painted from the Hobbit  range so far. Picture taken by reagsy.

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