Monday 24 June 2013

EBO Kickstarter extras

I picked up the bonuses for Kickstarter Evil Baby Orphanage today from my local PO. I was actually surprised that they reached me so quickly. The first impressions are very positive. New cards are in the same aesthetics and look like a lot of extra fun for the game. Other things are pretty cool too. The plushie looks... somehow cheap and I don't really care for it much but then it was a bonus so  can't complain. What I'm really happy about are the three plastic minis. I'll write more about them once they're put together and at least basecoated.


  1. Ciekaw jestem jak te modele wyglądają i czy warto je zakupić na jednej z aukcji ebay. Czekam na fotografie i oczywiście pozdrawiam.

  2. Figures look great, I'll post pics tomorrow or on Friday, depending on whether I manage to find time to prime them.


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