Thursday 6 June 2013

Papa Loco

I'm currently in the process of having my new flat redecorated. The work is entering its final stages and we're moving in this weekend so I basically have no time for painting and even spending a few minutes on updating my blog is a challenge. Anyway, I'll try to throw in a pic or two of minis I painted during the last few weeks.
The first on will be Papa Loco. He's a senior member of the Ortega family and he's... crazy to put it simply (he's even wearing a straight jacket). His weapon of choice is a stick of dynamite. In game he works as a kamikaze unit. Moving him around the board with Obey just to get him close enough to enemy units and make an explosion can be an effective strategy. If that doesn't work, he's usually the first one to go down during a game (and even then he can blow up causing some damage around the spot).
I chose to glue him onto a small column to add a bit more dynamism. I also used a slightly different method for painting jeans than I did on Santiago. I just thought that I'd like a more realistic effect.
I pretty much followed the method Balefirestorm described on the Wyrd forums (only using slightly different colors). I started with a basecoat of 50/50 mix of Cygnar Blue Base and Underbelly Blue. That was washed with Gulliman Blue and I also applied some Army Painter Strong Tone wash, focusing on the recesses. After that I picked up the detail with the base mix again and worked up the highlights by adding more Underbelly Blue.
If you look closely, the number on the board is #19. It's a small nod towards the Dark Tower series and Ka-Tet 19. Somehow the word "gunslinger" always makes me think of that series.
As far as music to go with this entry is concerned, choosing the right song was pretty easy:


  1. Great job on Papa Loco. How do you feel about the new concept art for the Ortegas?

  2. Basd on what I can see in the card artwork, I like them a lot. Nino is probably my favorite. Not as dynamic as the old version but more menacing. I also really like Santiago and Francisco, they;'re both full of character. Hard to say much about new Papa but he looks promising. I've mixed feelings about Perdita as I really like the original metal version.
    Still, I will definitely be buying the new plastic box ;)


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