Sunday 23 June 2013

New workspace #4

I think it's ready, at least for the time being I'm not planning any changes. All the paints and hobby stuff are arranged and today I've finally started painting again.

 The room in which I've set up my workspace isn't spacious so arranging everything well was essential. I like to have everything that I need close so all the shelves are within a hand's reach. Other than shelves for paints, everything was bought. I made the shelves about three years ago. I thought that they need a fresh look too so I painted them with wood stain.

The portable painting station from Hobby Zone is a great solution. It gives me the much needed flexibility. I can have all the current projects and paints that I'm using at the moment set up on it and easily put it aside if I need my desk for work. I also plan to use it for working on the balcony - more sun and fresh air. I just need to prepare that area...
Today I also added the bookshelves and filled some of the space there in them.

Some of the materials (bits, bases, primers) are kept in the desk as I don't use them that often and quick access to them isn't really that important.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with how my little hobby corner turned out. It's spacious enough to work comfortably, well lit during the day and at night (see pics below).

I use an energy-efficient bulb for the lamp hanging from the ceiling and two daylight light bulbs for the lamps that are attached to the desk. I don't think they are produced anymore but as they're not that energy-efficient and don't go in line with the EU regulations. I've been using them for several years and got used to this type of light to the point where I find it hard to focus with different types of light bulbs. A couple of months ago I spotted a big sale of my favorite type of light bulbs online and bought a larger batch to make sure I have enough to keep me going at least for the next few years. 
 Well, now that the workspace is ready I can finally start working on new projects. I'll write more about these soon. And just to finish this post, here are pics of my previous workspaces:



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