Wednesday 19 June 2013

Francisco Ortega

Much as I like the original concept art for him, I'm still glad Wyrd didn't go all the way over the top with him. Francisco Ortega is the last mini I painted in my old workplace. His pose is a bit static but it's still full of character. His face is partly covered by his long, thick hair and we can actually see only a part of it.

I painted his jeans and duster in a way that they match the rest of the Ortegas. I used a more vivid color for his sombrero to make sure he doesn't blend in with the rest too much and has at least one unique element that distinguishes him from the rest of the family. I also paid extra attention to the red stones that decorate his boots.

Now my Ortega crew is almost complete (forgot to add Enslaved Nephilim and Abuela to the photo). I only need to paint Perdita and her avatar version (which I haven't even put together yet). I'm looking forward to working on these minis as they're some of my favorite sculpts in the range.

And to finish this post, here's a nice theme song to go with Francisco.

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