So how exactly did my journey through the Breach begin?

I first learnt about Malifaux in 2011. I saw some boxes while browsing the CMON store. I remember that the jumping Death Marshal immediately drew my attention. I also really liked Somer's box with those amazing little Gremlins. Nicodem was another one that I really liked.
After looking at various pictures I decided to order Lady Justice and her Death Marshals. The reason was simple enough - these minis appealed the most to me. I had no knowledge of the rules apart from the fact that the game uses cards instead of dice. The atmosphere was another thing that intrigued me from start. It seemed dark and heavy, something that reminded me of Mordheim. I quickly learned that Malifaux was much more than that as it incorporates elements of Victorian England, Gothic, Steampunk, and Wild West. Quite the mix!

In October 2011 I painted my first Malifaux minis - the Death Marshals. After completing Justice's crew more miniatures followed. After a while I got more minis, the book (it was still 1st ed. then), fate deck, carrying bag, some terrain, and many other more or less useful bits.
As I learnt more about the world of Malifaux, I realized how well this game is structured both in terms of rules and fluff (you can read more about the history of Malifaux here). The stories in rulebooks are very well written and the characters have interesting and complex backgrounds. Those are not just some random heroes facing each other in random encounters.

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