Friday 16 July 2010

Day 4: Battle Damage

As time goes by work moves on and so we're here at the end of my journey with Terminators...Wait what ? No not the end, more than halfway for sure. I decided to rough them up a bit hence my humble tries on rust and battle damage.

As you can see it's not yet finished, (some visible damp patches of paints I used as filters - they'll be there but only a bit sublte and blended in) there's still gold to finish, right now it's only base color and gryphonne sepia wash (still looks good :D ). Also power weapons need some color alongside with eyes in helmets I think I'll go with some sick green :)

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Day 3: White Lies

So another part of my blue terminators is ready, the rest of PA is finished in white. Still it needs some smoothing on edges, right now they're irregular but it will change after cosmetic touches.

Looking at them now proves me that it was a right choice, the white parts will brighten a bit previously very dark and gloomy minis .

Right now I want to paint markings, and their heads, which I think will be done i some other shade of white. After that I think I'll move to first metallic parts of minis ;) I hope I'll finish them by the end of this week, but It's really hard to concentrate and paint when it's this hot.

Cheers ;)

Friday 9 July 2010

New beginning

It's been a while since my last post here and I cannot let Haldir take over the blog entirely, so here I am again :)

Not much has been happening hobby wise - I'm in the process of renovating a flat for me and my better half. Basically it's a land of dust at the moment but it should be more or less ready by the end of next week. I did however manage to play my first two games of WARMACHINE. I haven't had much time to study the rules and i figured that learning by playing would be the best solution anyway. Fortunately my younger brother has been playing it for a few weeks now and knows the rules pretty well.

So we started with starter vs. starter set. That's probably the easiest way to get a grasp of the rules. I felt quite hopeless in my first game as I was initially overwhelmed by the combat system and pretty much everything else. Basically my brother kept on telling me what to do and somehow I ended up winning. Beginner's luck I guess.

The second game was much better and I felt more at ease. Everything that seemed difficult at first was now much more easily digestible. This time it was me who lost but after an interesting and competitive game. I tried using Denny's feat early on in the game and ended up almost killing Kreoss. Yeah, almost...

Anyway, it was a good game and I learned much more about WARMACHINE. Enough to see that it's a pretty cool game. I still need to learn how to play my cards. Literally. Having to read the description of a spell before using it in game instead of knowing everything that is available and using all the options seriously limits the chances of winning.

To finish off this post, here are a few shots of a Bane Knight I painted a while ago. It was a test model painted in order to try a color scheme. I am overall happy with the result and I think that a whole unit will look nice on the table. I won't have many opportunities to paint in the next few weeks so this is probably the last pic of a painted mini from me for the time being.

I'm still waiting for the remaining four grunts and Tartarus that I ordered from Maelstrom Games a while ago. They are still waiting for some of the Privateer Press bits to come in to stock from their supplier so my order was split. I have already received the second Pistol Wraith (what a great mini, I cannot wait to painting it!), Gorman Di Wulfe (mighty useful in battle though the mini itself isn't that nice) and the Cryx force book. There have been quite a few good reviews of it in the blogosphere so I'm not going to write anything about it here. I can just add that the artwork in it is absolutely amazing, some really great renditions of the Cryxian casters, jacks and solos.

Well, that it for now. I will probably write more about my introduction into the world of WM soon.

Thursday 8 July 2010

Day 2 : Power Armor A.K.A Blue Veins

So after two days of painting I've come to a point when I'm quite satisfied with the power armor of my Terminators (satisfied for a batch painting : ) ). I decided to go with the hyper-realism with highlighting, hence the very constrast hues.

Next thing do do is to paint all the remaining elements of armor white, that includes shoulder pads ( I know a bit unorthodox for Ultramarines), then I'll finish it by painting markings (no decals here). I also decided that it would be nice to add some weathering effects , so some scraps and chips of paint will be added.

Stay tuned for further updates after weekend ;)

Monday 5 July 2010

Welcome to the BLACK parade

So as some of you already know school's out for me for 3 months time. That means more painting less procrastinating ;) I've finally moved back home for summer and here's a couple of news, hobby related of course.

Firstly I've finished previous "black" project that has been haunting me for last couple of weeks. I managed to close up work on Morgul Knights, thus officialy that commission is over. I;m quite found of the effect, especially on the 'worn off' armour, the blacks themselves are not bad either.

Only downside, not related to these minis, is that my painting desk lamp is broken therefore I can't take properly lit pictures :/

Next on the agenda is Warhammer 40k piece or should I say pieces. Close Combat Terminator Squad is up on the horizon. Some 40k stuff to give me some break from Lotr sculpts.

I decided to go for the Ultramarines scheme and maybe alter it a bit. Typicall 'for fun' project since minis will end up on eBay probably. I think I'll go for shades of blue for most of Power Armor and mix it with some white/beige on shoulder/knee pads/hip pads finished with silver and gold. I haven't decided yet either I'll go with NMM or metallics on those. Well I guess I'll figure it out as I go.

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