Monday 5 July 2010

Welcome to the BLACK parade

So as some of you already know school's out for me for 3 months time. That means more painting less procrastinating ;) I've finally moved back home for summer and here's a couple of news, hobby related of course.

Firstly I've finished previous "black" project that has been haunting me for last couple of weeks. I managed to close up work on Morgul Knights, thus officialy that commission is over. I;m quite found of the effect, especially on the 'worn off' armour, the blacks themselves are not bad either.

Only downside, not related to these minis, is that my painting desk lamp is broken therefore I can't take properly lit pictures :/

Next on the agenda is Warhammer 40k piece or should I say pieces. Close Combat Terminator Squad is up on the horizon. Some 40k stuff to give me some break from Lotr sculpts.

I decided to go for the Ultramarines scheme and maybe alter it a bit. Typicall 'for fun' project since minis will end up on eBay probably. I think I'll go for shades of blue for most of Power Armor and mix it with some white/beige on shoulder/knee pads/hip pads finished with silver and gold. I haven't decided yet either I'll go with NMM or metallics on those. Well I guess I'll figure it out as I go.



  1. Thous MM guys are much better then previous ones on foot. Good amount of powder, still nice black robes and interesting bases must make them look very good on table. I especially like armors and shields. Which paints have you used to reach this effect?

  2. Thans Kris. Armor are painted the simpliest way I guess. Boltgun Metal, washed With Badab Black, then another leyer of Boltgun metal , highlightes succesively with Chainmall and Mithril Silver, then a wash of watered down Badab Black is added to emphasis shades and slightly watered Gryphonne Sepia for the worn out look. If you like you can give it a subtle drybrush with mithril silver.

  3. Outstanding paint jobs on those Morgul Knights! :)


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