Thursday 22 February 2018

Anna Lovelace

I like the way Wyrd design team makes occasional references to famous people. This one is quite straightforward as the Resurrectionist henchwoman is an obvious tribute to Ada Lovelace, who was probably the first computer programmer. Her Malifaux counterpart is also a brilliant engineer and plays a major part in the background story of Charles and Ryle Hoffman. I won't write any spoilers here but if you're interested in details, the main story of book 4, "Ripples of Fate", is where you should look for more.

The miniature is nicely detailed but the scale is a bit off as her head and hands are tiny compared with other models. This meant that gluing model to the resin base I chose was an issue. I managed to pin her dress and add a stronger connecting point there. 
Painting large surfaces using silver metallics has always been a challenge for me. It's easy to get carried away with highlights and make it look flat. Other than that it was a nice model to work with.

I haven't used her in a game yet but have faced crews with her a few times. Her main strength seems to be area denial abilities that prevent enemy models from being placed or pushed within 8' of her. 
Her offense is a solid 3/3/4 Ca rg 10' attack that can summon a Seishin (I need to gt a box of these) or a Mindless Zombie in base contact with the target as long as she hits the right trigger. She can also use her Ml 5 attack in close combat. It's a rather low value but she gets to choose whether she wants to target Wp or Df. Her (0) action allows her to push opponents 4' away, which can be situationally useful in GG2018.

With 9 Wds and Armor 1, and the ability to use soulstones, Anna can soak up some damage before going down. She also brings Rush of Magic, which can work really well combined with Primordial Magic. It's basically like a free soulstone for cycling 2 cards at the start of a turn.

Saturday 17 February 2018

Som'er Boston Jones

I painted this one for a buddy who is one of the top Malifaux players in Poland. He can make pretty much any Gremlin crew work and beat you, but will do so in a friendly atmosphere. I got some Guilders from him so in exchange I offered to paint a mini of his choice. He gave me Somer so that's what I worked on.
The details on the miniature are fine but there were some larger gaps I had to fill in with GS after assembling it, in particular around his waist. Somer's pose doesn't really make much sense so I chose a larger resin base from Micro Art Studio to somehow compensate for the overly dynamic pose.

Since the guy is an avid fan of the NBA, I wanted to make sure there are some  references to it in the paintjob. Boston Celtics team was a no-brainer as the color choices would match a Gremlin very well. The clover pattern on his vest also doesn't seem out of place here. To make sure he resembles the leprechaun from Celtics logo, I also painted the rim of his top hat white and chose a shade of orange for the round bottle that was meant to resemble a basket ball.
Painting green skin can be tricky as this color isn't that easy to work with. I used a bright shade as a base, washed it with light brown, and then mixed it with some yellow for highlights. I kept the palette warm while I was working on the rest of the model as I thought vivid colors go well with Gremlins.

Somer is a Jack of all trades. He can buff his crew, summon more Gremlins, dish out big damage, and won't go down easily. His versatility makes him a top tier master. Facing an experienced opponent who runs Somer is always a challenge.

Thursday 15 February 2018

Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist

This model was originally released as a reward for backers of Wyrd Game's Through the Breach campaign. Since then it has never been available in general release. It's probably one of the most rare models from the entire range now. I don't really care for the huge model that was released at a later date, so I had to pay through the nose to get this version when it popped up on ebay.

It's definitely one of the best models that Wyrd has ever released. It combines the steampunk and magical elements seamlessly. I chose a 50mm skull base from Micro Art Studio for her and did some trimming and filling with Agrellan Badlands to make sure she fit it well. The only part that doesn't look that good are her hands as they both seem a bit too large...
The pose is interesting and the level of detail is more than impressive. I wanted to make sure the mini stands out so I used slightly toned down yellow on her armor as no other models in my collection feature this shade. I used airbrush to sketch the lighting on this part of the model and proceeded to fill in the details. Marking the darkest areas with pure black and doing edge highlights on the armor was a painstakingly long process. That's one of the main reasons I've never enjoyed painting GW's Space Marines.  
After that I moved onto the Hannah model, and felt much more comfortable while working on her. I used green and brown for her uniform as these colors worked well with the yellow armor. The book she is pointing at is a nice element that allowed me to shift some of the focus there and I used red on the cover and filled the open pages with some writing.

Hannah is a henchman and a mercenary. I plan to try using her with my Neverborn. She provides solid melee attack with an impressive range of 3' and blast potential on moderate and severe. She can also copy a (1) casting action as her (0), which opens plenty of opportunities for her. 
Hannah is armor 1, has 9 Wds and can use soulstones, so taking her down shouldn't be easy. She also makes the crew she is in better with her passive abilities. Arcane Reservoir increases crew's hand size by 1, and Counterspell means that enemy Ca actions lose all suits. What's more, enemy models within 4' of her (and that's a big area since she comes on a 50mm base) ignore any suits associated with their Ca, Ml, and Sh attacks, which can be a great in limiting opponents' offensive triggers. 

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is all you need. There's no better way to remember that than listening to a classic song... in a modern version.

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