Saturday 17 February 2018

Som'er Boston Jones

I painted this one for a buddy who is one of the top Malifaux players in Poland. He can make pretty much any Gremlin crew work and beat you, but will do so in a friendly atmosphere. I got some Guilders from him so in exchange I offered to paint a mini of his choice. He gave me Somer so that's what I worked on.
The details on the miniature are fine but there were some larger gaps I had to fill in with GS after assembling it, in particular around his waist. Somer's pose doesn't really make much sense so I chose a larger resin base from Micro Art Studio to somehow compensate for the overly dynamic pose.

Since the guy is an avid fan of the NBA, I wanted to make sure there are some  references to it in the paintjob. Boston Celtics team was a no-brainer as the color choices would match a Gremlin very well. The clover pattern on his vest also doesn't seem out of place here. To make sure he resembles the leprechaun from Celtics logo, I also painted the rim of his top hat white and chose a shade of orange for the round bottle that was meant to resemble a basket ball.
Painting green skin can be tricky as this color isn't that easy to work with. I used a bright shade as a base, washed it with light brown, and then mixed it with some yellow for highlights. I kept the palette warm while I was working on the rest of the model as I thought vivid colors go well with Gremlins.

Somer is a Jack of all trades. He can buff his crew, summon more Gremlins, dish out big damage, and won't go down easily. His versatility makes him a top tier master. Facing an experienced opponent who runs Somer is always a challenge.


  1. Przepiękny! Gratuluję koniczynek na kamizelce.

  2. Świetnie wyszła Ci skóra. Genialny model tak w ogóle .


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