Thursday 22 February 2018

Anna Lovelace

I like the way Wyrd design team makes occasional references to famous people. This one is quite straightforward as the Resurrectionist henchwoman is an obvious tribute to Ada Lovelace, who was probably the first computer programmer. Her Malifaux counterpart is also a brilliant engineer and plays a major part in the background story of Charles and Ryle Hoffman. I won't write any spoilers here but if you're interested in details, the main story of book 4, "Ripples of Fate", is where you should look for more.

The miniature is nicely detailed but the scale is a bit off as her head and hands are tiny compared with other models. This meant that gluing model to the resin base I chose was an issue. I managed to pin her dress and add a stronger connecting point there. 
Painting large surfaces using silver metallics has always been a challenge for me. It's easy to get carried away with highlights and make it look flat. Other than that it was a nice model to work with.

I haven't used her in a game yet but have faced crews with her a few times. Her main strength seems to be area denial abilities that prevent enemy models from being placed or pushed within 8' of her. 
Her offense is a solid 3/3/4 Ca rg 10' attack that can summon a Seishin (I need to gt a box of these) or a Mindless Zombie in base contact with the target as long as she hits the right trigger. She can also use her Ml 5 attack in close combat. It's a rather low value but she gets to choose whether she wants to target Wp or Df. Her (0) action allows her to push opponents 4' away, which can be situationally useful in GG2018.

With 9 Wds and Armor 1, and the ability to use soulstones, Anna can soak up some damage before going down. She also brings Rush of Magic, which can work really well combined with Primordial Magic. It's basically like a free soulstone for cycling 2 cards at the start of a turn.


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