Tuesday 13 March 2018

#2/2018 Oathbringer

I read Sanderson't Mistborn trilogy back in 2014 and enjoyed it a lot. Since then I've read a few more books by him but it seems to me that each one was worse than the previous one... I guess what bothers me about his writing is the juvenile language used by some (female in particular) of the characters. It feels out of place and reading about characters who talk and act like rebellious teenagers is a tad annoying.
But then Oathbringer is not completely bad. I like the way Sanderson gradually reveals details about events that led to the beginning of conflict from book I. With each novel we get more glimpses into what exactly happened when king Gavilar was assassinated and more information on the nature of conflict between humans and the Parshendi. Also, there are many chapters that explore Dalinar's past. In present he's the most honorable human, but his past is marked with some heinous acts that he'd rather keep locked away from his memory.
Yet for some reason the more I read, the less I cared for the protagonists. They don't seem that well developed and I felt the way the plot works (in a nutshell battle-dialogue-retrospection-action) fails in adding more depth to them. The final battle is chaotic and as things look really grim, there are some twists that add an element of surprise and potentially a promise of more development of the main characters in next book. Problem is I don't think I'll bother reading it...

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