Tuesday 13 March 2018

Still here

It seems like every year there comes a time when I don't write anything on the blog for a prolonged period of time. Life happens, and there are things that take your attention away from hobby and force you to focus on more important aspects. Yet, despite all that I have not completely abandoned painting minis in recent weeks. So here's a quick update on what's happening.

First off, I painted a metal version of the infamous Pukeworm,  Primordial Magic. It's much better detailed than the new plastic one. Also, the stream of energy aka. "the puke" is a separate bit in this set so I didn't glue it in. I wanted to keep it in theme with my Titania so I used some wood bits on his base. I saw this idea on A Wyrd Place a while ago and decided to give it a go. I think it looks much better than the plastic one.

Other than that I assembled and basecoated some more Guild models. As you can clearly see, scale is still an issue Wyrd is struggling with. I realize the Jury is leaning forward but still her proportions are a bit off in comparison with the floating Queller. The female one is probably one of the most complex plastic miniatures Wyr's ever released. There are a lot of extra elements on her, more than on many henchmen or masters...

I also received the alternate Lazarus. It's a really cool mini, a huge improvement on the old version. The only ting I didn't like about him was the material he's made of. It's this sort of "rubbery" plastic and cleaning all the mold lines takes much more time as it's not possible to quickly file them. You need to take your time and gently cut it all away using a sharp hobby knife. I will be painting the grenade launcher separately, here it's just assembled for the photo.

And last but not least, Serena Bowman. Very nice model, though it feels a bit out of place in the Neverborn. Nevertheless, she brings some unique tricks to the faction and I plan to try her with Dreamer (and with Lilith in the future when I start using this master).

That's all for now. Polish Malifaux nationals are taking place this weekend. Two-day long even with 6 games to play. I hope I will make it - it all depends on the health of my kids (which has been rather poor lately).


  1. Twoje malowanie figurek do Malifaux to coś co jest warte podziwu i regularnego oglądania. A owe robale są tego najlepszym przykładem. Dlatego mam nadzieję, że życie zejdzie Ci z drogi, i będziesz mógł wrzucać postępy z prac.

    1. Dzięki! Dwójka dzieci i okres grypowo-wirusowy nie sprzyjają działaniom hobbystycznym ale walczę ;)

  2. Hey man! I saw your models in real life yesterday and they are awesome. You inspired me to paint Hoffman; continue the good work! Hope to speak with hou today as well!

    1. Cheers mate, it was great meeting you too. Maybe we'll get paired in the last round :)


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