Wednesday 28 March 2018

More Guild

I've managed to paint three more Guild models in recent weeks. I like the dynamic sculpts, seems like each one can tell a story on its own right. Painting the magical effect was the main challenge on the Quellers. I decided to use bright blue as it's something that would nicely contrast with red, which is commonly used in Guild.

Thallarian Quellers are very good minions. They cost only 6 soulstones but they bring a lot of utility. They can place markers that cause enemy models to lose printed suits when they're within 3' of the marker. They can also buff friendly models, making their damage irreducible. They are not easy to take down as they can keep up their Arcane shield after their activation and they can dram a card when a friendly model uses a soulstone. Quellers can debuff from distance and pack a punch in melee as well. I'd say that's quite a lot for a 6 ss minion.

At 8 ss, the Jury is another solid Guild henchwoman. She can give a mask to friendly units and enemy models within 6' cannot use Focus or Defensive stance. Her Ml attack has a standard value of 6 with a minimum damage of 3. When it comes to Rg damage, she can... throw a book. And it's not a light one so there is decent damage involved along with a chance to build up the Fees condition. 
There is also her (0) action with range 12', resisted by Wp. It can either heal and remove a condition from a friendly model, or debuff an opponent. Her stat line is mainly a solid 6, but she doesn't seem too resilient, which is not a very big issue as Guild has access to cheap and useful upgrades that can help with that.


  1. Nice work, as always. Really dig the bases as well!
    For the male queller I made his mustache magic as well (purple in my case) :)

    1. Magic moustache, love the idea! I wish Inhad thought od that but sadly the minis are already on their way to new owner

  2. Piękne malowanie jak to zwykle u Ciebie. Gratuluję :)

  3. Świetne malowanie. Ja u swojego Queller'a użyłem szarego do efektów magicznych (jak na pudełku) ale chyba kolory odważniejsze byłyby lepsze, jak u ciebie.


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