Monday 30 March 2015

Latigo Pistolero

This was actually one of the first minis that I put together using TTB male set. I really liked the bandit-like head and the pose with two pistols held in both hands. I put him together without planning what model could he stand in for but after looking at him I decided he'd be a perfect fit for a Latiogo Pistolero (even though I already own three metal ones). I chose a standard western-themed colors for him; jeans and a dark brown vest and used a suitable Wyrd base insert. Pistoleros are young men and women who hope to join the Ortega family. They help with various jobs and are determined to prove their worth. They have average stats but some of their skills can be very useful.

In game you always want to activate them late in the turn. There are two reasons. First of all, they get positive flips when targeting models that have already activated before them. Secondly, they give a + to Df flips of nearby models. They aren't very resilient with low wounds number and low Df but at least they can Shrug off some effects as their (0) action. Their offense is not that bad as their weak damage is 3 (with a Ram). They are also Ruthless, which can help with targeting models like Kade or Candy. They also work well with Perdita as they have the "Family" word on their card, meaning she can always push towards them at the start of her activation.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Bad Trip

I got an idea for this mini on A Wyrd Place group on FB. A while ago a guy named AJ Miller showed his Ryle conversion, done using TTB bits. At that point, Ryle mini wasn't officially announced in the release schedule, so I decided to try doing something similar. I used mainly bits from the multipart set, but there are some additions from my old bits box (such as spikes on his head). I plan to paint my Hoffman crew using a Western theme so I chose one of the Ghost Town Base inserts for Ryle. I added a cactus (from Pegasus hobbies set) as the base seemed a bit empty without it (I'd used the original metal one for my Lone Marshal). 

I do't really like the artwork and render for this model shown by Wyrd. Ryle seems a bit too bloated but I may change my mind when I see the actual model. For now I'll stick to the proxy I've made (even though it's only slightly taller than a standard Malifaux Ht2 model).

Earthside, Ryle was a brilliant engineer. He traveled to Malifaux with his brother (C. Hoffman)to take advantage of opportunities offered there, hoping to unlock his considerable potential. However, going through the Breach caused huge damage to his body... and his brain. The brothers were rescued by Viktor Ramos and what was left of Ryle became a brainless, hulking mass of muscle and machinery.

Ryle has 10 Wounds, which is very decent for a Henchman. He's also a construct so he naturally gets armor +1, which can even be improved by 2 more if a Tome is flipped for defense. It helps with his unimpressive Df of 4. He can also heal himself as a 0' action as long as he discards a card.
His melee attack has a very good damage range and (typically for Guild), he is capable of getting a Critical Strike. He can also be a threat at range with his Modified Steam Gatling. He can fire it in bursts and with an extra Ram, he can shoot more than once using a single AP. Ryle's Wk 4 is very low, but he can always use his other 0' action to push extra 4 inches.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

This... is... MADNESS !

I've always liked the old classic metal version of this model. When you look at it and try to decide what it is, comprehend its anatomy, it's bound to be a failure. This model is just out of control. The ones on the left and right are from Reaper Miniatures - the mini is called Gravewailer. I saw one a while ago on A Wyrd Place and decided to get it for myself since it doesn't look like Wyrd will be releasing new version of Insidious Madness any time soon. 
I used vivid colors but still toned them down a little not to make the models look too bright. I just don't rally do bright when it comes to painting so working on a model like this is all about finding the balance between vivid and dark for me.

Insidious Madness is a go-to objective runner. Incorporeal, with an impressive Wk of 7, it can get almost everywhere quickly and easily. It's offense is not impressive with a very low Sh of 5 on its only direct mean of attack (targeting WP). However, it can make life harder for the opponent by lowering their WP.
It's got only 3 wounds but incorporeal helps a little with it. It also forces models within 2' that want to attack it in melee to take a TN 10 Wp test.

Sunday 1 March 2015

The Swamp Hag #2 Landslide

It took me about two weeks to put together paint this one. Of course, there was a lot of work with GS to fill in all the gaps left after putting all the pieces together. I always pay attention to this aspect of working with Malifaux plastics as these gaps look really bad if not treated properly, especially on larger models.
Another time-consuming issue was painting the moss. I didn't really know how work with it and experimented with various shades of green. In the end I used a few different colors for highlights, ranging from bright and very bright green to yellow. I wanted him to have a more natural look. Working on the wooden and stone parts was also a challenge as I wanted them to look distinctly different while still maintaining the swampy feel.

I used fragments of wooden structure I had left over from the GW's Escape from Goblintown Hobbit set I worked on a while ago. I painted it using the same color I used for my other Neverborn miniatures. I also added some other bits, such as as the brick from Wyrd Orphanage accessories and, to add a bit more color variety, a tentacle from Sewer accessories set. I also used Nurgle Rot to strengthen the swampy feel. Bad Juju is the epitome of the dark, ancient aspect of the Bayou. Cursed to die and rise again in an eternal cycle, and I wanted to make it look as if he was carrying part of it within himself.

He is a scary melee monster. Not only his damage profile is high, but he also can use a nice trigger, paralyzing his opponents, or using Flurry to throw in three attacks. He also had a very good (0) action called Landslide. Anyone within 3' ho fails a 13 Wp duel, receives Slow and suffers 2 damage. 
His Df 3 is disappointingly low but he has other means of surviving. He is Terrifying, has 9 Wd but regenerates 2 at the start of activation, and he is also Hard to Wound. He also has an upgrade, Eternal Fiend, which allows him to return to game from death whenever a Swampfiend dies. Another upgrade, Hexed Among You, allows other Swampfiends to be placed anywhere on the board that is at least 6' from enemy deployment zone. They can't take interact actions on first turn, but still it can set them up for doing so in turn 2 or put them in a good position to bring in Juju once they're killed. 

And here's another video of old Sepultura that I like a lot and that seems to go well with the theme of this model.

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