Monday 20 January 2014

Latigo Pistoleros

If you were wondering about what minis I was going to use for these bases, here's the answer - Latigo Pistoleros. When you look at these minis, it's hard to believe that they're cast in metal in one piece. It's really impressive, considering their dynamic poses and the amount of detail. It also meant that preparing them for painting was quick and easy - I only needed to drill holes for pins in their feet.
I used wasteland-themed bases as I thought they nicely fit the "weird west" theme. I've added cacti from Pegasus Hobbies (got a box of hem on ebay). I thought that since I'm not using any static grass for the bases, I will at least add some variety this way (along with the random skulls/pieces of wood that had already been there as part of the cast).

Latigo Pistoleros are basically young men and women who hang around the Ortegas and look for a chance to stick around for longer. They are desperate to prove themselves, which results in some nice and useful skills that they offer in game. It's good to have at least one of them with your force.
I tried to keep a more or less coherent look for the trio. Working in the same place, they'd probably be dressed similarly. Also, I really like painting denim material and I think it suits them. I also painted their skin using a slightly darker shade. They're exposed to the sun for most of the day so it made sense to me to paint it like that. I introduced some variety by adding small bits like red bandanna or whitish feather in the hat. 

These models served as test for this type of basing. I plan to use it for the whole Ortega family. I still haven't even put together the contents of "Latigo Posse" box and it will have to wait a bit longer. But once I do that, I will post some pics here. The only thing that I will definitely do differently next time is connected with the cacti. They have some nasty mold lines which are hard to remove and the spikes along the edges are larger than those on front and back. I'll get rid of them along with the mold lines.
Once again I will say: these are some of the best sculpts in the range. I know I repeat that often here but it seems like you can't really appreciate the quality of a miniature until you've painted it. And stuff from Wyrd keeps surprising me.

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