Friday 17 January 2014

Pale Rider

This is another case of truly fantastic artwork that's been turned into a run-of-the-mill miniature. The mount is large and clumsy and I simply don't get it. What exactly is its mouth supposed to be? Painting the model was a challenge as I didn't like it from start and I struggled to use right colors to keep it in line with my other Guild cemetery-themed minis.

I used various bits on the base. Some metal parts along with a plastic vulture from Hanging Tree. I've also added the paved path (I've done something similar for aJustice). 
The rider was pretty straightforward as far as painting is concerned. I used colors similar to my other Death Marshals and added a touch of red to have some variety going. The feathers (?) on his shoulders were confusing and I ended up painting them bright white with a light touch of blue. The mount was the most problematic part for me. I didn't really know where to start and how to go about painting it. In the end I went for a pale, sickly look and strengthened it with a couple of glazes along with carefully placed washes on areas like sores. And then there were the really weird horns. I had hard time deciding if these were actual horns or if they were covered by some kind of material.

Anyway, now that I look at it I guess it turned out OK and the mini doesn't look bad despite its bulkiness. While working on this one I also painted another mini for Puppet Wars - Bete Noire. I've used mainly black on her and when it was finished I went back over the hair with whitish colors to add a little variety. I know she's supposed to be dark but it's a puppet after all so I thought mop-like hair are legit.

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