Friday 31 January 2014

Men in long black coats

These minis were love at first sight for me. I really liked they way they were introduced in Storm of Shadows with a nice little story of perfection in unison and ultimate sacrifice. The artworks were very nice, which at the age of digital sculpting pretty much always translates to great minis.

The poses of Riflemen are fantastic. They look just as I'd expect them to. The wind-blown coats add a lot of dynamism to what otherwise would have been a static pose. The minis don't lack detail, extra backpack, bags, knives etc. add the much needed variety. Putting them together was not easy as there are several parts to each mini. They fit together very well and the mold lines aren't a problem but the parts are just so tiny  it's hard to work with them.

My only problem with them is the issue of scale. They're a bit too small. Their height is more of less OK, they're very thin but that not a problem. The problem is particularly noticeable on their tiny hands. They're just too small. Other than that these are really nice minis and I enjoyed painting them.

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