Sunday 12 January 2014

The Rat Catcher

Hamelin is one of my favorite Malifaux characters. I really liked the first story in which he was still a rat catcher, I thought it offered some interesting insights into the architecture of Malifaux (in particular the sewers). The part that happened later... well, some people aren't that lucky and Hamelin is a good example. As a master he is still a very interesting character though in Malifaux 1,5 he was probably the most NPE character.

The miniature is simply fantastic. It's full of character, the facial features are very well defined, details and folds of material look excellent as well, and his pose is interesting too. I decided to use a metal sewer-themed base insert for him. I didn't really know how to place both him and his dog (Nix) on it so I ended up making the leash longer.

I used three more new GW technical paints. Typhus Corrosion was used as a basecoat for Ryza Rust and I also mixed some Nurgle Rot with Vallejo Still water to add the extra gloss to the contents of the sewer. I think each of these is very useful and makes achieving interesting, realistic effects fairly simple. I'll write more about these paints in a separate post. I also used dry pigments to create the dirt effect on his cloak and shoes.

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