Tuesday 30 June 2020

Averon Stormsire

My first ever attempt at NMM on armor, followed by tutorial published by Age of Squidmar on his youtube channel. Still more yellow than gold but there are sections that don't look too bad I think. Completely different than my typical style but it was an interesting exercise for sure. If anything, it has caused me to have more respect for those who have really mastered this technique.

#11/2020 I Love This Game

Basketball has always been a game I enjoyed both playing and watching most. This book is a story of how one of the most popular Polish websites about the NBA came to be. It also adds a highly personal touch as the author digs deep into his personal experiences along the way. 
Plenty of stories about players and organizations that show how passionate the author is about the NBA. No chapters and sections, written in a steam-of-consciousness-like style.
Highly recommended read for all basketball fans out there (in Polish only unfortunately!).

#10/2020 If It Bleeds...

This collection of 4 stories by King is probably the best I've read from him in years. Each one is distinctly different both in content and in style.

"Mr. Harrigan’s Phone" is the one that immediately made me feel at home as a Constant Reader. A story of growing up, great portrayal of suburbs. The unnatural/horror elements are subtly introduced and don't break the flow of the narrative in any way. 
"The Life of Chuck" has a unique structure as it's divided into 3 parts that move from present to past. A bit puzzling but immensely engrossing. It features King's rare philosophical approach to life and more abstract pondering on the nature of life and death.
Rat” is another story by King in which the main character is a writer. It seems to me that he really excels in such situations. Here we have questionable sanity of a man who locks himself up in a remote house where he wants to write a new novel. He becomes ill and we are left to guess which parts are feverish hallucinations and which are actually there.
If It Bleeds” can be treated as a direct continuation of "Outsider". Anyone who enjoyed this cast of characters and detective + supernatural fiction will enjoy it. I'm not a huge fan but it was a pretty enjoyable read nonetheless.

Saturday 27 June 2020

Blessed of Decemer + moar cats

Seems like painting winter-themed models while the weather outside is all sun and heat (and occasional thunderstorms) is a bit counter-intuitive, but it works for me. Two Blessed of December, one with scratch built base (that makes it look as if it were 50 mm rather than 40), and one that had positions of her limbs slightly changed. Otherwise it would be really tough to fit her into a 40 mm base.

Also two more hoarcats. I've added some watered down Aethermatic Blue around the crystals to tie them better together.

Friday 19 June 2020

Nightmares and cats

A few small minis I've painted recently. I like the new daydreams as (similarly to previous versions), each one is distinctly different. I've split three hoarcats into two 40 mm bases as it's really tough to fit them all onto one base and that way these can be used as two separate minis in game. For the Stitched together I've tried to get a color that was something between old sack and skin tone + some random blood splatters.

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