Friday 27 September 2013

White Council. And Rabbits

It's been a while since I posted pictures of new painted minis so here's a bigger update on two projects I've recently completed. First, the White Council. These were some of the best finecast models I've worked on (with the exception of Radagast - he was a bonus in the Hobbit starter box filled with plastic goodies).

Faces and hair are elements that can be cast exceptionally well with GW's resin. In case of these they actually do look very nice. The details are well defined and they even resemble the actors from the movie.

I've prepared a small display base that is supposed to resemble Rivendell. I didn't have too many suitable elements and my skills with terrain making are very limited so I had to make do with what was available.

Painting this one was a huge challenge. On many levels. I've written that Finecast can work really well for faces and I stand by it. However, it doesn't tend to work well with small, thin elements. Such as 12 little rabbits from Radagast's rabbit-drawn cart. Putting these together and working over all the miscast bits with GS/LGS was a pain. Painting the whole thing was another challenge. I assembled all the contents of the box and glued them to the base (the trees were added in the final stage), which may seem like a stupid idea as some elements were hard to get to. I realized that but decided to put it together anyway as the prospect of gluing painted bits of finecast together filled me with a feeling of hopelessness. Some elements simply didn't fit together and needed to be put in hot water and bent to proper shape.

Overall, I think that the only part in which I failed was taking decent pictures. It's either the sheer number of detail that makes it hard for my camera to focus or my lack of skill with it.

Friday 20 September 2013

Words of wisdom #1

"If there is one sound that follows the march of humanity, it is the scream". 

David Gemmell

To my mind it's the most adequate summary of the condition of a contemporary man.I work a lot, usually from early morning till late evening, and often feel like I'm thrown down some kind of pipe, going down too quick, being asked to do hundreds of meaningless, useless things on the way. Or at least that a rather far-fetched way of saying I'm too busy with work most of the time.And that's why I really appreciate all the spare time I can devote to the hobby.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday 18 September 2013


This miniature is proving to be a real challenge. On many levels, starting with putting it together and ending with painting all the little furry guys. But the progress is steady nonetheless...

Monday 16 September 2013

Slow progress

The last two weeks have been hectic at work so I haven't really touched the brush. I made up for it during the weekend. It felt really nice to be able to devote some time to the hobby. I made some progress on White Council and starting work on Radagast on sleigh. This one was a huuuge pain to put together. The finecast elements needed a lot of work to fit together and there was more GS work than I would have liked.  I also have two sets of trees from Woodlands scenics to add to the base but that will be done in the final stage.
As you can see in the pic, I had some "help". After a while, my helper got bored and decided to lay in the middle of my workplace. Fortunately for me, no minis were harmed.

Today I finally got my Gencon order. It actually arrived two days faster than last year so that's an improvement After a quick glance at the sprues I'm quite impressed with the level of detail but was a bit disappointed that the wooden planks from DM's coffins don't have wooden texture. Not a big deal as that won't be to hard to achieve with a few brushstrokes but it would definitely make life easier, especially for beginners. I'll start putting these together once I've finished the Hobbit stuff.

Thursday 5 September 2013

The White Council #1

I was asked to try to add a Rivendell feel to the White Council so I had a look into my "bits and random stuff" box. Not too much there but after some thought I came up with a quick mock-up of how it might look like.

Next I prepped the minis, used some GS and LGS on the recesses, glued the plastic card with cobblestone texture in and added some sand. As you can see, Radagast is left out behind but I saw no way in which the dynamic miniature would fit in with the rest. That's why he's going to be placed outside of the gate with different basing (since his base is already part of the model and it's forest-themed).

After that I basecoated the whole thing. Since it's a White council I used light grey spray and brown for Elrond and Radagast.

I've already started painting the whole thing and plan to finish it within more or less a week - highlighting all those whites and browns is time-consuming after all.

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