Friday 27 September 2013

White Council. And Rabbits

It's been a while since I posted pictures of new painted minis so here's a bigger update on two projects I've recently completed. First, the White Council. These were some of the best finecast models I've worked on (with the exception of Radagast - he was a bonus in the Hobbit starter box filled with plastic goodies).

Faces and hair are elements that can be cast exceptionally well with GW's resin. In case of these they actually do look very nice. The details are well defined and they even resemble the actors from the movie.

I've prepared a small display base that is supposed to resemble Rivendell. I didn't have too many suitable elements and my skills with terrain making are very limited so I had to make do with what was available.

Painting this one was a huge challenge. On many levels. I've written that Finecast can work really well for faces and I stand by it. However, it doesn't tend to work well with small, thin elements. Such as 12 little rabbits from Radagast's rabbit-drawn cart. Putting these together and working over all the miscast bits with GS/LGS was a pain. Painting the whole thing was another challenge. I assembled all the contents of the box and glued them to the base (the trees were added in the final stage), which may seem like a stupid idea as some elements were hard to get to. I realized that but decided to put it together anyway as the prospect of gluing painted bits of finecast together filled me with a feeling of hopelessness. Some elements simply didn't fit together and needed to be put in hot water and bent to proper shape.

Overall, I think that the only part in which I failed was taking decent pictures. It's either the sheer number of detail that makes it hard for my camera to focus or my lack of skill with it.


  1. Wow! Just wow! Really well done mr Viruk!

  2. It was well worth the trouble, the end result of both the council and the rabbit sled look fantastic!


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