Wednesday 2 October 2013

New Dreamer art, Wyrd Chronicles and...

my article in it. I put it together a while ago and now that an opportunity came (Halloween-themed edition), it fit in.
The bit that got many excited over at Wyrd forums was the new Dreamer art.

I like it, especially LCB. If I get this crew, I'll put something torn and bloody in his hands to make it look like he's secretly having his guilty pleasure. The Dreamer looks a bit more grown up and daydreams seem even wilder and more grotesque than they used to be.

Almost forgot, here are some pics of the Depleted - really nice minis but very thin and fragile so painting them was a bit of a challenge.You can read an article about painting them in Wyrd Chronicles #8.


  1. Nice, congrats on having your article published in the Chronicles! And those are really nice glow-in-the-dark Depleted. :)

  2. Congrats, I will read the article as soon as I find a few spare minutes :)


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