Sunday 27 October 2013

How my wife saved the day

I've mentioned it earlier - I wasn't a big fan of the latest Wyrd Miss. It seemed to me that they just put her as an extra to make Arcanist players happy. I changed my mind when I finally got the mini, put it together and glued it to a factory-themed base.
I encountered a major problem as I was finishing work on the mini. At some point when I was about to add the final touches, I noticed that she was... missing one hand. It somehow snapped off and got lost. I was looking for it everywhere with my nose to the floor and even looked into the vacuum cleaner. I had no success and gave up, feeling extremely frustrated.

At this point my wife started looking for the missing part. It took her about two minutes and she had it. It was among here jewellery in another room. I have two suspects, both are small and furry but so far they've been keeping silent about the whole incident.

Its limbs are thin and seem fragile at first glance but the miniature stays together solidly. The only problem was that pinning those mechanical legs is pretty much impossible. I ended up drilling small holes in the base and attaching the pointy edges of her legs there.

Since there's so much of metal on this model, I decided to contrast it with pale skin. I also added a bright, vivid base. I made sure that there are at least a few different colors of bricks to add some variety. A few glazes and washes did the trick.

I've also finished some other stuff but won't be publishing pictures of these projects as I will be entering them in the Rotten Harvest painting competition.


  1. Yet another proof that the right woman can balance your life ;)

  2. Great job! She strongly reminds me of the Borg.


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