Wednesday 23 December 2020

Widow Weaver, Stitched, and a surprise Bayou guest

Those will likely be my last minis painted in 2020. With Stitched Tigether and Widow Weaver, my Nightmare keyword is almost complete - only Madnesses left. Don't think I will be painting Teddy as there seem to be better alternatives to him in the keyword.


Somer - Avatar of Opulence, eating his life away on the back of Peaches. What a fun mini to paint, although assembling it was a bit complicated...

Three little Gupps - old metal versions back from M1E just to add some variety to my collection.

And an odd model from the Ressurectionists faction, painted for a buddy.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Expanding the Nightmare keyword


Getting slowly into full Nightmare keyword with these recent additions. Old Chompy Bits - metal model from the first edition + my take on Dreamer using arm from new Chubby bits (M3E) and Dreamer avatar model.

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