Monday, 21 January 2019

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Guild Ball: The Blacksmith's Guild

Another big project finished in 2018. Some Guild Ball minis I painted for a buddy. I was free to choose color scheme so I decided to play with Green Stuff World colorshift paints a little. Cold blue armor was meant to bring more contrast to fiery elements.

As for the minis, I have mixed feelings. The scale doesn't hold at all as pretty much each model in a box is scaled differently. The quality is rather good for preassembled models and I didn't need to use a lot of Green stuff but I just don't really care for the kind of soft plastic that is used here. It makes removing mold lines a chore. 

Anyway, it felt nice to paint something non-Malifaux for a change and I did get a nice exercise in using metallics too.

Baby's on Fire

These are the last Malifaux minis for 2018. Fire is the main theme here as Kaeris is a master who uses this element to her crew's advantage (and to cause trouble to her enemies).

Here are some pics of the process. I started by priming everything light grey and adding some white to plan highlights better.

After that I did initial sketches of fire with an airbrush. I used only yellow and red here.

This was followed by some brushwork as I worked with both the brightest and the darkest parts. Vallejo fluo yellow was really useful here.

I will work on some more Arcanists in the foreseeable future so stay tuned :)

#18/2018 Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

I grew up watching the show and Eric Idle has always been my favorite Python. When I learnt that he had a "sortabiography" out, I knew that sooner or later I'd get it. 
The audiobook is red (or I should rather write performed) by the author himself. It gives an interesting background to his story. As a child he was growing in the WW2 aftermath era, going through the period of despair and then welfare. Life wasn't easy as Eric's father died in a car accident as he was returning home from the war. Yet despite his harsh upbringing he managed to make humor his way of life. Learning about his early career and getting unique insights into his celebrity life with his relations to other famous musicians/actors is what this book is really about. If you're a Python fan, I don't even have to recommend it. And..

#17/2018 Fear: Trump in the White House

This book may just as well be titled CHAOS instead of FEAR. Bob Woodward accumulated knowledge from hundreds of interviews to present Trump's working style and the way he makes the most important decisions. In a way this book felt scarier than any horror novel I've read since it talks about a real person who (sadly) can potentially influence major events worldwide. Now I need to find a book that actually praises him so that I can have two extreme opinions to work with. 
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