Sunday 14 February 2021

Exploring the Apex keyword #2 Lord Cooper and Model 9

Lord Justin Cooper and his trusted henchman-android Model 9. I actually liked his background story as it presented a character with flaws, who can make occasional hasty and irrational decisions but is strongly driven by a primal force. He actually lost his arms and leg (+part of skull) in a hunting "accident" that was caused by a weapon prepared for him as a "gift". It misfired and he got mauled. He survived and had his body redesigned and Model 9 is an imperfect version of artificial limbs which were originally meant to be his own. As a result the robot has unshakeable loyalty and even eerily imitates Cooper's movement.

That is one of the reasons there are some parallels in paint scheme, such as similar metallics on limbs + same color of shorts. The pictures I took in light tent tend to overexpose some areas and as a result there seem to be more contrasts on the metallic areas (which are smoothly highlighted in real life - I hope the last picture shows that better)


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