Thursday 7 January 2021

Finishing the Nightmare keyword

 With these my nightmare models for Malifaux are pretty much complete. 

Insidious Madness are like some twisted and complex 3D puzzles. Assembling them is a real challenge but it feels very satisfying once they’re put together. I’ve started using bright base coats recently and the final effect is definitely affected by this choice as the colors are way more vibrant.

Lord Chompy Bits has always been one of my favorite characters. Ancient Tyrant who has a very unusual relationship with a boy from Earthside. I wanted to make him look like stuff of nightmares so I used numerous shades of purple for different washes and glazes.

This old avatar model is a consequence of my earlier choice - using Dreamer miniature as a single 30 mm miniature. As a result I needed to use the M2E version to accompany Chompy as he walks out from a portal.

Now I will be focusing on some Explorers, starting with the Apex keyword - watch this space :) 

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