Thursday 5 September 2013

The White Council #1

I was asked to try to add a Rivendell feel to the White Council so I had a look into my "bits and random stuff" box. Not too much there but after some thought I came up with a quick mock-up of how it might look like.

Next I prepped the minis, used some GS and LGS on the recesses, glued the plastic card with cobblestone texture in and added some sand. As you can see, Radagast is left out behind but I saw no way in which the dynamic miniature would fit in with the rest. That's why he's going to be placed outside of the gate with different basing (since his base is already part of the model and it's forest-themed).

After that I basecoated the whole thing. Since it's a White council I used light grey spray and brown for Elrond and Radagast.

I've already started painting the whole thing and plan to finish it within more or less a week - highlighting all those whites and browns is time-consuming after all.

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