Thursday 2 January 2014

2013 Year in review and New Year Resolutions

It's this time of year again. Time for a summary and new resolutions. Let's start by looking back at my goals for 2013:

- paint all the Hobbit stuff and keep on painting new Hobbit stuff that is released. 
This one was a success as I've not only painted all the minis I got back in 2012 but I also painted much more (GoblinsThorin's companyTrolls, White Council, Great Eagles, Grim Hammersorcs, Orcs, more orcs, even more orcs)

- paint two more crews for Malifaux (Dark Debts and the Ortegas) along with my current Malifaux backlog (it amounts to 29 assembled and primed models).
Another win for me. Dark Debts were done in February. The Ortegas are all painted up and ready for... sale :) I plan to use to plastic crew as I like it more so this one will probably end up on ebay when I finally receive my order from Wyrd Games.

I've also managed to deal with my all of my Malifaux painting backlog. Some of the higlights would have to include Mr Graves, New LJ crew, aJustice, aPerdita. I've been a big fan of Wyrd plastics since their release and I enjoy painting these minis more with each new purchase. I've increased the backlog but at the same time I've been consistent in working on it.
Also, I took part in two painting competitions with pretty decent results:
2nd place in The Trick or the Treat category, Rotten Harvest - November 2013
2nd and 3rd place in No Ma'am Malifaux Painting Competition - October 2013

- play a few more games of Malifaux.
This one was a total failure as I played no games of Malifaux at all in 2013... I hope to change that in 2014 now that it's possible to play the game on Vassal but that will be a big challenge.

In total I painted 191 miniatures in 2013. It's a worse result than 238 from 2012 but it's still a pretty solid number. February and August were the most productive months for me. June and July were a bit slower but I moved into a new flat then and set up a new workspace and added new lighting. I've also kept on adding more paints (Reaper, Vallejo, some GW). I'm really happy with my current setup and will definitely enjoy painting many miniatures there in 2014.

So, my resolutions for 2014 are:
1. Start playing Malifaux.
Really, I need to change that as I've enjoyed the games I had in 2012.
2. Deal with Malifaux backlog (only 8 minis now!). Also, paint the new crews I'm currently waiting for (Ortegas and Sonnia) .
3. Paint miniatures from Warzone Ressurection when/if (?) I get them. And play at least a ew games!
4. Paint more Hobbit stuff.

I still have a few minis painted in 2013 that I haven't showed on the blog and here's the first of them - the Hooded Rider.
It was the most challenging miniature I've painted for Malifaux. First off, putting the model together was a challenge on its own. Each of the snakes was basically a straight piece of metal that had to be bent into proper shape so that it would fit with other snakes. The miniature is 100% metal so it is quite heavy and painting it with all those crazy details was really tricky. Another challenge was to find different colors that would nicely highlight all the details and stay coherent at the same time. Well, enough words, here's the rider:

 And last but not least, here's a quick preview of what I'm currently working on:


  1. Quite a productive year you have had! It is always nice to see painted Malifaux models, as Wyrd is not too good at showing any, he he. At the pace you seem to be going, I am sure you will be able to finish up your backlog!

    I too want to start playing more games of Malifaux this year. I just started playing in the later months of 2013, and have been having a fantastic time with it. Everything oozes with so much character!

    Keep up all the great work, and I can't wait to see the rest of your Malifaux stuff!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Malifaux has a quite unique atmosphere. I've enjoyed the few games I played thoroughly. Had to think on my feet all the time. Sadly, in Poland it's not popular and finding an opponent is really hard. I'll have to give the Malifaux Vassal module a go.


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