Wednesday 8 January 2014

Warzone Ressurection - first impressions

Much to my surprise, my Warzone order arrived today. I didn't expect it as I haven't seen my postcode posted on Kickstarter updates yet (or have missed it). It is much delayed but that didn't annoy or surprise me. I guess it's the case with successful KS campaigns, whose authors are a bit overwhelmed by the success they achieve. Still, it was a nice surprise when my next door neighbor brought me a parcel that the postman left at his place earlier for me.

Three boxes were glued together to create this pretty heavy package
 Each of the boxes contained plastic bags with zips. Also, they were wrapped with bubble foil so there was little movement inside. Still, there was some damage. I immediately noticed that the blade of Alakhai's sword snapped off. Bummer, that will be hard to fix and will leave mi with an important model that is vulnerable to damage. But I've fixed stuff like that before so it should be fine...

There were quite a few minis inside as my two brothers chipped in and ordered Cybertronic and Brotherhood starters with some additions. I got the Legion.

The parcel also contained the rulebook. I have to admit - it looks absolutely fantastic. It's in hard cover and the graphic design is spectacular. It brilliantly combines new with old artwork and has a very neat, easy to read layout.

 The miniatures are cast in two types of resin, light grey and a bluish one. I had a quick look at the contents of the parcel and they look amazing. The details are excellent and there seems to be fairly small amount of bits that will require working over with Green Stuff. The variety of arms, heads and weapons is impressive and will offer a chance to put together units in which each miniature looks significantly different. There's a lot of unwanted resin leftover but it should be a quick work and the mold lines are not that noticeable. The style of design is significantly different compared to old metal miniatures. The ones released all those years ago were bulky, had oversized helmets or even limbs (but they still had a lot of unique character to them).  The new ones are much thinner and more proportional.

There are just a few bits I don't like. The Objective markers didn't really impress me. They're flat and with lots of mold lines or random bits of resin glued to them. The package also didn't contain the templates I ordered but I expect it to get sorted by Prodos Games in the future.

The first edition of Warzone was essential for my interest in the hobby. I have many memories of working on those miniatures, using enamel paints with solvent and feeling sick after staying in the toxic fumes for hours... As weird as it may seem those are very fond memories as I was taking my first wobbly steps in the hobby then and had to rely on help of my older brother who used to be an avid aircraft model maker. My youngest brother was just a little kid whom we had to keep away from our little soldiers in case he decided he wanted to check... how they taste. Now we're going to sit together again, each of us a much different person than all those years ago.

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