Sunday 9 February 2014

The Carver

I got this miniature in an anniversary sale on Wyrd store. It hadn't been released before then, being a 'special' model that was given as prize during conventions, As Wyrd was clearing the store, they decided to get rid of the models that they no longer had any use for. There were some left and I was lucky enough to place an order before they were all gone.
I haven't seen this miniature painted anywhere before so I had no reference while working on it (well, there's the artwork in Wyrd Chronicles but it's much simplified compared to the miniature).

 I really like the design. It looks like an oversized scarecrow that decided he's had enough just standing there and instead of keeping the birds away, he decided to start his own harvest. His coat is torn in a few places and there's some straw there. There are also some skin areas so I've chosen to paint them using pale, zombie-like tone. The miniature comes with an extra head but really, can there be anything more awesome than the one I've chosen?

I knew from the start that I was going for an early 90s horror feel here. That meant jeans, bright pumpkin head and of course - tombstones. I used Blood for the Blood God paint to get the basic blood effect on his blade and sprinkled some on his dungarees for good measure. I followed that buy adding a bit of brown and red ink and finished off by mixing the BftBG with super glue to make it look as if blood was dripping from the blade. A very good harvest indeed.

I wanted to see how he's look like with the alternative head to I pinned both of them without glue to make it possible to swap them. The other one gives the Carver a slightly more serious, haunted look but I still like the pumpkin one more.


  1. Wow, it is awesome to see this guy painted! He certainly looked like a cool model from the pictures I saw of his metal components, but it was a little hard to tell for sure. I like the pumpkin head the best too; it just adds to his crazy otherworldly feel. Excellent job with the bloody knife and his filthy trousers, straight from an awful slasher film :)

    I only found out about him after their sale had ended... Missed opportunities...

  2. Thanks Eric. I think I'll either use his as alt Teddy or put him up on ebay.

  3. Awesome looking model! Great choice of colors. The blood cover knives looks fantastic. I really like how you based them too, stalking through a graveyard with bad intent!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, this miniature was a lot of fun to work with even though at first I didn't really know where to start.

  4. Good to finally see a painted version of this guy! And superbly painted at that.


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