Sunday 16 February 2014

This is Bayou!

This was the first Gremlin model I've ever painted. Even before I started painting it, I'd realized it was going to be a new experience with all those bright and vivid colors. Something completely different than my typical choice of dark colors.

 Another thing that I'd taken care of before I started painting was preparing the base. It's 50 mm, which means that after putting the miniature on it there was plenty of space left. At first I prepared the cobblestones and then started adding other bits.

The miniature itself is... Well, 'awesome' doesn't even begin to describe how cool it is. It's the whole crazy Bayou package with a mad-looking Gremlin, wearing a pink bunny costume and holding tight onto a giant rooster. It doesn't get better than this.


  1. Hi! I'm a french fan of your blog, I love your work. Your time spent and your attention to details are incredible! well done :)
    In otherwise, I'm a big fan of the lord of the rings and I wanted to know if you would soon redo it ?

    1. Thank you very much, I'm glad you like my work. I will be working on LotR minis soon, maybe even next month. I will be working on wood elves from Hobbit among some other recent releases from this range of minis.

  2. it's a great news for me thanks you ;)


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