Wednesday 11 March 2015

This... is... MADNESS !

I've always liked the old classic metal version of this model. When you look at it and try to decide what it is, comprehend its anatomy, it's bound to be a failure. This model is just out of control. The ones on the left and right are from Reaper Miniatures - the mini is called Gravewailer. I saw one a while ago on A Wyrd Place and decided to get it for myself since it doesn't look like Wyrd will be releasing new version of Insidious Madness any time soon. 
I used vivid colors but still toned them down a little not to make the models look too bright. I just don't rally do bright when it comes to painting so working on a model like this is all about finding the balance between vivid and dark for me.

Insidious Madness is a go-to objective runner. Incorporeal, with an impressive Wk of 7, it can get almost everywhere quickly and easily. It's offense is not impressive with a very low Sh of 5 on its only direct mean of attack (targeting WP). However, it can make life harder for the opponent by lowering their WP.
It's got only 3 wounds but incorporeal helps a little with it. It also forces models within 2' that want to attack it in melee to take a TN 10 Wp test.


  1. Looking good! Just the right mix of gaudy and sinister, I think. I might have to pick up one or two of those Reaper figures as proxies with my Dreamer crew... once I get the hang of them, that is.

    1. They seem to fit in really well with Dreamer but I'm still going to buy the plastic one once it's released ;)


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