Thursday 8 July 2010

Day 2 : Power Armor A.K.A Blue Veins

So after two days of painting I've come to a point when I'm quite satisfied with the power armor of my Terminators (satisfied for a batch painting : ) ). I decided to go with the hyper-realism with highlighting, hence the very constrast hues.

Next thing do do is to paint all the remaining elements of armor white, that includes shoulder pads ( I know a bit unorthodox for Ultramarines), then I'll finish it by painting markings (no decals here). I also decided that it would be nice to add some weathering effects , so some scraps and chips of paint will be added.

Stay tuned for further updates after weekend ;)


  1. Stunning job with the shading on these models...just impressive work! I wish I had half the talent! Keep up the great work!

  2. Are armors made just by adding blue to black and then white to blue or You've got a nice solution to paint at such level such big area. When I paint (or rather try to paint) at so high level paint tends to get dry quickly - while painting one miniature at once.

    As always awesome effect. I think thous terminators are your best paint job ever but I still wait for Sanguinary guards :P

  3. Well thanks :)

    And yes armors are just a mix of Black (VMC), Enchanted Blue (GW) and White (WMC). To keep it from drying I just add two drops of Tamiya retarder and to ensure good coverage you can add some Matte Medium (VMC). If you don;t have retarder try watering down paints heavily, it will take more layers to achieve such effect but also it ill be smoother ;)


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