Friday 16 July 2010

Day 4: Battle Damage

As time goes by work moves on and so we're here at the end of my journey with Terminators...Wait what ? No not the end, more than halfway for sure. I decided to rough them up a bit hence my humble tries on rust and battle damage.

As you can see it's not yet finished, (some visible damp patches of paints I used as filters - they'll be there but only a bit sublte and blended in) there's still gold to finish, right now it's only base color and gryphonne sepia wash (still looks good :D ). Also power weapons need some color alongside with eyes in helmets I think I'll go with some sick green :)


  1. The rust effects are great...what did you use? Bestial Brown then highlight orange?
    Cannot wait to see these guys finished off!! :)

  2. Actually it was Hull Red and Orange Brown from VMC. I guess it would be Dark Flesh and Vermin (Vomit) Brown from Citadel.

  3. Ahhh thanks, good to know! :)
    I was planning on adding some rust to the Hector Rex model I'm working on when I get far enough into the paint job.

  4. I can see here very nice termies :P As always you've done especially well on clear surfaces with strong highlights.
    I suggest working on battle damages, starting with watching some pics. Some off damages here look too unrealistic (for example rust on middle of armour while there is no on other parts, or schratched curve of backpack, while corners are clear).
    IMO corners and curves of armor schould be scratched most and when you're adding rust choose to scatter rust spots or clear spots. In other words do smaller rusted places rather than one big or make whole rusted armor with small clear places.

  5. Thanks Kris, useful comment as always. Next time I'll decide up front on the battle damage, not so ad hoc like this time, that will allow me to make it more realistic. I have to supply myself in some more of MiG pigments, I have some ideas on how to use them.

    Right now it's finish time. Termies will see their end and it's time to begin finishing Gladhrim Knights ;)


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