Saturday 22 June 2013

New workspace #3

Not really my workspace, rather a part of it. I bought this portable paint station from Hobby Zone. I came in less than 48 hours after placing the order and immediately aroused curiosity of my cats.

The station Cames unassembled. It is very well packed with all the elements nicely arranged and taped temporarily so that they don't bounce in the parcel.

The assembly is pretty straightforward. You only need some PVA/wood glue and a little patience. It took me about thirty minutes to put it together.

There's plenty of space for paints (you can choose between 35 and 25 mm or have them mixed), water pots (I've found that the most basic plastic disposable cups work just fine) and brushes. You can also attach handles on the sides to make carrying it easier or to place something on them but I chose not to use them as I like it the way it is without them, more compact.
My new workspace is pretty much finished and I think I'll actually start working on a new project tomorrow. I'm also going to take some pics to show how everything is arranged now.


  1. Good looking paint station your cats look great too

  2. Whenever I get something that comes in a box or a bag, cats are tehre to help me :)


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