Wednesday 12 June 2013

New workspace #1

I'm currently in the process of moving in to my new flat. Much as I'd like to do it in one go, there's just too much stuff to be transported and not enough time. So I use whatever free time I have now to add a thing or two. Today I started preparing my new workplace. I began by putting together a new table I've bought recently. It's quite wide (160 cm) and very solid (it weighs about 50 kg). It also features double table top. I plan to put monitor and speakers on it to free much of the space.

I've also bought two new lamps. One of the two I'm using has already pretty much fallen to pieces so I  wanted to make sure the new ones will be more solid and won't bend easily. Now I just need to transport and put together the rest of my stuff. I've also ordered a brand new glass cabinet to showcase my works. Can't wait to put it all together!

And one more thing. Most of you have probably already seen it but here it is anyway:

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