Wednesday 20 June 2018

My take on Lilith

Plastic version of Lilith is one of the most static, boring sculpts that Wyrd has ever released. Her old metal version, along with the alternate one, are oversized and look bad next to other new models. Because of all that I decided to make my own version using the old avatar model. There was a lot of cutting to make sure the tree part fits the 30mm base and Lilith looks like she's emerging from within the tree. I also added the blade from plastic version to make sure she has all the necessary elements to be easily recognizable.

Lilith is commonly seen as the generalist master within the faction of Neverborn. I've faced her a few ties, each encounter was a chance to see her with completely different crews and each time she seemed to be doing reasonably well. I've never used her myself but I plan to start doing so later this year. First I need to paint some more Nephilim...


  1. Jak zwykle na tym blogu: figurka i malowanie warte bliższego przyjrzenia się:)

  2. Awesome conversion. Love your take on her! And fantastic paint job, as per usual.


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