Wednesday 11 July 2018


Adze is basically a Will-o'-wisp that developed a taste for human blood and as a result grew in size and gained new, more powerful abilities. At 7 ss they will compete with other good Neverborn models but I plan to give Adze a go one day.

When I first saw the miniature, I didn't like it. It seemed too bulky and round. Even now, after painting, I don't really care for it too much. I guess I was just expecting something completely different, more vampiric, less similar to regular Will-o'-wisps.

Painting Adze was a bit different for me. I was away with the family at our cottage house. I packed only several basic paints and a few brushes with me. As a result I had to experiment with a lot of mixing of colors. Also, I had poor lighting conditions, which made working with these a bit harder too. In the end it was a refreshing experience as these limitations forced me to be more creative in areas that I normally just take for granted.

I also finally painted the conversion of Grootslang. I didn't like the size of the original one so, using an idea posted on A Wyrd Place, I converted Cojo and Razorspine Rattler into this thing. I wasn't really sure how to deal with skin tone and after some experiments settled for bright green. Well, I am far from happy with the result (both conversion and paintjob) but I though I'd post it here anyway...

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