Tuesday 19 June 2018

#6/2018 Necronomicon

As a big fan of work of Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft was an obvious choice. Yet I somehow haven't got round to checking out any of his work until very recently.
Lovecraft is a master of creating suffocating atmosphere of madness and terror. His style impressed me with precise descriptions of how human mind shatters after being exposed to extraterrestrial, inhuman forces. Most of the protagonists in his stories are educated men and they try to explain their predicament using highly scientific and logical register. And in almost each case there comes a moment where the sanity abruptly stops and madness takes over. These visions make Lovecraft's writing so powerful and memorable. Also, similarly to Poe, he seems to favor adding a final twist to the story, which adds a new layer of complexity and makes it possible to see everything in different light (or rather in complete darkness...).

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