Thursday 25 March 2010

Elven Valour

First of the announced projects is finished. A party of High Elves for my Elven Kingdoms, my Wotr army is slowly growing in size. No fireworks here I know, but to be honest they started to annoy me while painting.

Simple bases finish their woodland look. I used some flock and shrubs from Spectre Hobbies set and I'm still thinking about adding some static grass but I'm worried it might be a slight overkill.

Now time to take care of those Galadhrim Knights before another commission with Morgul Knights arrives ;)


  1. Beautiful pieces! I really love the greens on them! :)

  2. Whoah, very very very very very very nice looking models, I love the look of the green combined with the yellow-creme of the waist piece.

    I think I´ll be using this colour combinartion in my ethereals.


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