Tuesday 12 February 2013

Dark Debts Done

I've finished the last of the Illuminated. I was struggling with taking a decent pic on the dark background I normally use so I switched to a blue one. I think the pics look better now but I'm not very happy with them...

While working on her I also pushed on with painting the rest of the crew and finished Jakob and Hungering Darkness.

I've written that before but have to repeat here again - I'm not a fan of the HD model. It seems somehow too soft to me and not menacing and evil at all. I realize that it's supposed to be an ancient entity that doesn't really have a specific shape but still I would like to see more texture on this model. Perhaps something similar to the manifestation of brilliance coming out of the back of one of the Illuminated.

I was considering adding some gore to its mouth but after thinking it over decided not to as I thought I might be overdoing things.
Jakob on the other hand was a fun model to paint. The miniature is extremely well sculpted and while the surface of his tailcoat and pants is a tad flat, his butler more than makes up for it.

Oh yes, they all glow in the dark

My Malifaux painting backlog is beginning to look better as I've now painted 5 minis this year but... I bought three Illuminated so I'm almost back to square one.


  1. Very nice crew! I like the fact they glow in the dark. What did you use for the glow-in-the-dark effect?

  2. Glad you like it!

    I used Americana Glow in the Dark Paint. It's semi-transparent with a slightly greenish tint which means that once you apply it, it will additionally help in making the highlights a tad smoother. It's easy to apply but you need at least a few layers when you put it on a small surface to make sure it actually glows in the dark, otherwise the effect will be barely visible.


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