Sunday 24 August 2014

Yellow Thunder #2

 Here's the second part of my ongoing TT project. The challenge that these minis pose on the assembly stage is legendary so I won't go into details about that part. Let's just say that the number of parts these models are made of is surprisingly large number of small parts. The good thing is that they fit together nicely.
TT archers are a very interesting option to support crews lacking shooting, such as Misaki's. Giving the opponent a Slow condition can be devastating with Ototo around (especially since these guys can fire into engaged models without the need to randomize the target). Hail of Hachinosu, their 2AP action, is another one where they can really cause some trouble. At Rg 12 they can inflict up to 4 damage (and that with 2 blasts!).

Two of these have very dynamic posed so I wanted to make them stand out even more. I used two pillars (resin casts I found in my bits box) for extra elevation. I like to do that, especially with miniatures that have a very static pose. I just think it adds a little bit of dynamism to them. At least that was my thinking while preparing the one on the left. The middle one is crouching so it made sense to put him on something that would give him a better vantage point. I had some problems with the right one. I knew I had to glue him in at least two places. I pinned him left foot but there was no way he was going stay put. That's why I used a 30 mm pewter base insert and glued his robe to it. I wasn't very happy with the result but at least the link should be stronger.

The color scheme is the same I've used on the Torakage. Painting them went a bit faster as I'd already had some experience of working with yellow. The Low River monks are up next. I plan to use the artwork color scheme which means returning to my comfort zone - working with darker. muted colors.

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