Tuesday 21 June 2016

Kirai and friends

Well, it's been a while since my last post here.Work's been crazy and there were other factors which kept stealing my free time. I've managed to squeeze in two games and painted some minis, though.

I played in a 50 ss tournament at the end of May. It was a big, two-dy long event with 16 players. As usual, I took Dreamer and played him as a summoner/supporter.
In my first game I played against a guy who ended u 3rd overall and faced Kaeris for the first time. 

I won 7:6 and the highlights of the game included Teddy killing Howard to secure me 3VP for A Quick Murder along with a really solid performance from Lelu (summoned twice) and Lilitu. Once healed, with +, the twins can have significant impact on the game. It was a close game and I didn't really know what to expect so I tried to focus on achieving my schemes rather than trying to prevent my opponent from scoring. In the final turn I made a silly mistake and attacked Cassandra with Lelu instead of placing another scheme marker for full 3VP from Detonate the Charges. Still, I scored more than my opponent from Recconoiter and got away with a win.

In my second game I faced Hamelin. The main strategy was Extraction and the schemes were Convict Labor, A Quick Murder, Leave Your Mark, Neutralize The Leader, Hunting Party. I chose two killy ones and brought two Teddies to make sure I had power to achieve those. I also played Dreamer very conservatively, using him mainly to give my models fast and remove conditions. It was a good idea as my opponent chose Neutralize the Leader, so keeping the kid in the back and unburied messed with his plans. I had some great flips and managed to kill Taelor and Ama No Zako early in the game. Without two main beatsticks my opponent had no way of achieving any VPs from Hunting Party so we called it a game and it ended in my 10-1 victory.

After the game there was a painting competition for the best crew and the participants cast their votes. I obviously put my Dreamer there with his Nightmares.

I don't even know the overall results as I was forced by external circumstances to end the tournament there but they didn't do well and two Resser crews were voted for top spots.

I haven't had a chance to play any games since then and it looks like I may have to take a longer break. A small daughter and more work mean that most of my tournaments look like that now:

I can't complain though, as I do enjoy tme spent with my little daughter and still manage to get some painting done when she's asleep. I've been working on Ressers recently. First I painted the Gaki. Really nice, dynamic sculpts.

 I also painted Kirai, her totem and Ikiryo - definitely one of the creepiest models in the range.

Other than Malifaux, I also read Sanderson't newer novels (I read the Mistborn trilogy last year), the Stormlight Archive. The universe presented here is vast and complex with intriguing history. The powers that govern nations are also well presented. However, I felt that the characters were a tad too flat and predictable, sometimes even too juvenile and ironic, using something that seemed too much like contemporary idiolect of the youth...

I also got a PS4 and beat Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne but that's another story ;)


  1. Those Resser crews are some stiff competition, but don't let it keep you down because your paint jobs are extremely well done, especially your Widow Weaver. Keep it up!

  2. Ależ genialnie uchwyciłeś horrorowatość tych Gaki i Ikiryo. Zgroza ....

    1. Dzięki, dobrze się bawiłem malując te paskudy :)


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