Monday 11 September 2017

More metal for Hoff

Here are some minis I painted for the Hoffman crew. One of his upgrades, Arcanist Assets, allows him to hire any construct with the M&SU characteristic. I was asked to paint these in Guild colors to match the theme of the crew.

Steam Arachnid Swarm was a pain to assemble. Their tiny legs are flimsy and I almost lost one to the carpet gods. I had to add some elevation to their bases to make sure they all fit in.

Moile Toolkit is a really nice model, I like his pose, makes it look like a tiny robot is bravely making his steps into a big adventure.It's a cheap Peon, which can give friendly models significant buffs.

And finally, Rail Golem - the main beatstick of this lot. While looking for inspiration I returned to an entry of fellow Polish blogger who painted this model using mainly red color. I really like the way it made him look like one mean, angry robot and used the scheme as inspiration for my work.


  1. Jak zwykle - prace, które cieszą i budzą podziw. Dziękuję :)

  2. To ja dziękuję za komentarz :)

  3. Bardzo dobrze ten odcień czerwieni komponuje się z metalikami. Super malowanie i podstawki jak zwykle świetne.

    1. Dzięki, czerwień była tutaj najbardziej czasochłonna, i to pod nią dobierałem resztę. Cieszę się, że się podoba :)


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