Tuesday 24 October 2017

Mama Z

I found this old version of Zoraida a while ago on ebay. As with many Wyrd pewter models, this one has very well defined details. It is especially visible on her face, which has a malicious expression that nicely goes with the character of old hag. However, the model still suffers from the flat syndrome that was common for models from the first edition of the game. In the last picture you can see what I mean. Of course, it is connected with different casting technique and becomes apparent only when you look at the model from a certain angle, but still...

Just like all other old models, this one comes with a mini book, I mean a card... Introducing upgrade system for masters gave Malifaux much more flexibility and made life of players so much easier. However, the Hex skill could be an interesting addition to M2E Zoraida.

I typically play Zoraida as a support master, not very offensively, and I generally keep her in the back. I made the base for her out of balsa and cork as I wanted this part to somehow reflect this approach - ancient crone sitting at a safe spot, twisting the threads of fate from distance. After pinning her and making sure she stood firmly, I attached the voodoo dolls. I used tones similar to the ones on plastic Zoraida. You can see them both in the picture. I think I will stick to the metal one from now on as she has more character to the sculpt.
I haven't yet played her after wave 5 upgrades, but I look forward to giving them a go. The combination of Raven Form and Powerful Control seems like it might be effective.


  1. Nie ka┼╝dy MILF to ILF...

    1. MIDWTMAW - Mother I don't want to mess around with :)


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