Monday 28 May 2018

Bad Juju

Having painted the plastic version before, I wanted to try something different with this guy, so I started with bright basecoat. I struggled with the previous one as I found it hard to make the green color of moss pop more with bright shades. Here I was darkening it down with glazes and washes of green, yellow, and brown. I think it worked pretty well as I got a nice overall look of varying shades all over its body. This version of Juju has a lot of small bits (twigs, skulls, stones, and even a bottle) protruding from its body, so I used some of the swampy-colored water effect in random patches to bring it all together.

Metal version is significantly smaller than the plastic one but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up in detail. The entire body is well textured and its face has much more expression too. I wanted to add some extra height so I built a small gangplank with balsa wood. Some extra skulls were then partly submerged in water to add more atmosphere. Plastic version is significantly larger and has really good details too.


  1. Przypomniała mi się czeska piosenka, niezwykle modna jakiś czas temu :)

  2. Obie wersje dają radę. Świetne malowanie !


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